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Virtual Open Day Replay

This is a replay from our last Virtual Open Day we hosted in November 2021. For the most up-to-date Open Day experience, we recommend visiting us in-person at our next Open Day.

Live stream: Replay

Welcome to our Virtual Open Day. Join us from our Bradshaw Hall as we showcase a series of talks designed to give you all the information you need about studying at Birmingham City University.

On these pages you can also virtually tour our facilities and accommodation, and experience what Birmingham has to offer.

Live from Bradshaw Hall

  • Starts at
  • Topic
  • Speaker
  • 7:45
  • Accommodation Q&A
  • Reina Lewis (Accommodation Services)
  • 55:31
  • Welcome from the Vice Chancellor
  • Professor Philip Plowden and Bilal Hussain
  • 1:36:49
  • Personal statement advice
  • Michaela Jenkins (Student Engagement and Recruitment Team)
  • 2:20:49
  • Student Finance: Everything you need to know
  • Marc Alner (Student Engagement and Recruitment Team)
  • 3:07:10
  • Your Students' Union on student life (presentation and Q&A session)
  • Asha Stewart (Vice President, Opportunities and Community)
  • 3:52:27
  • Careers and personal development Q&A
  • Jaime Cox (Careers+) and Clair Zawada (Academic Development Department)
  • 4:20:17
  • Admissions Q&A
  • Stephen Grice and Indy Virdee (Admissions)
  • 4:50:20
  • Disability, finance, mental health and wellbeing Q&A
  • Kate Waugh (Disability Services), Jackie Bryant (Careers), Alison Cullen (Wellbeing Services)
  • 5:20:11
  • BCU Sport and foundation programmes Q&A
  • Adam Crowle (BCU Sport) and Mark Hetherington (foundation programmes)

Explore BCU

Here you'll find everything you need to know about BCU.


We'll take you through the range of accommodation options available at BCU, the application process and the key deadlines, with a talk from staff and lots of information on living in halls, plus a tour of BCU accommodation, University Locks.

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Personal Statements

Writing about yourself is one of the most difficult things to do, so to help you put pen to paper, we've compiled a load of useful information to ensure your personal statement hits the spot.

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Student Finance

Finance is one of the key issues when deciding to take a higher education course. You may be feeling anxious about your finances and wondering how you will manage to pay your tuition fees, living expenses and all the costs associated with going to university.

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UK Admissions

Find out more information about the Admissions process. Plus, find out how to contact Admissions with any queries you might have.

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Higher and degree apprenticeships are a high-quality alternative to a traditional university degree. They allow apprentices to achieve a higher education qualification while working full-time and gaining experience in the workplace.

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Campus tours

Come with us as we take you around our City Centre, City South, School of Art and School of Jewellery campuses, showing off our amazing state-of-the-art facilities and more throughout the day.

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Student Life

Hear from our students about what life is like at Birmingham City University, find out what it's really like to live in Birmingham.

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You’ll find a diverse and welcoming environment at BCU. We’re a modern and dynamic international university, with staff, students and alumni from more than 100 countries. Find out what it's like to study at BCU as an international student.

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Information Sessions

We have a number of information sessions available to provide you with insight into the key areas of university life. Take a look around our university campus and our buildings, find out what questions we are regularly asked by parents and hear advice from current students about going to university for the first time.

  • Students' Union

    BCUSU are here to make sure you have the best possible experience at University. Their job is to represent you and enhance your time at BCU, by providing a variety of services and activities to ensure you not only have a fantastic time during your studies, but that you leave with the confidence, skills and experience that will get you your dream job.

  • Student Support

    Find out about the student support offered at BCU including mental health and wellbeing, student governance and disability support - there's a talk, plus lots of information available to set your mind at ease if you're worried about starting university.

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  • Parents and Guardians

    Find out how you can support your child through the application process by watching our parent talk and visiting our guidance hub. Plus, find out why our students chose BCU and why it could be the right choice for your child.

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  • Accommodation

  • Birmingham

  • Student support

  • Finance

  • Open Day questions


Find your home from home at BCU. We offer a range of halls of residence, ranging from on-campus to inner-city living. You can take a virtual tour of each accommodation option to find the one for you.

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The UK’s second city is a vibrant, exciting place to live and study in – and we’ve got the youngest population in Europe! Join our community to discover world-class restaurants, shopping, and socialising.

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Student support

From disability and mental health support to CV and job interview training, BCU ensures you have all you need during your time here – and beyond – to succeed and flourish in your studies and career.

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Fees, funding, budgeting, money management – we can help you get to grips with it all. We also offer a £1,000 Meet or Beat scholarship to help you along the way.

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Open Day questions

We’ve rounded up the questions we get asked the most at our Open Days and answered them to ensure you have all the info you need about your course, facilities, accommodation, and more!

More Open Day questions answered


All of the videos on this page have been audibly transcribed.

  • Welcome to Birmingham City University
    Shelby: [00:00:04] Hello and welcome to our Virtual Open Day. I'm Shelby. A third year criminology and security studies student at BCU, of course, we would normally be welcoming you to one of our lovely campuses in either Birmingham City Centre or leafy Edgbaston. But we're not able to do this at the moment. So we're going to bring our campuses to you. We're really glad you're able to join us today and we can't quite see lots of you in person very soon. Over the course of today's virtual event, you'll have the chance to look around our buildings from academics on the courses you're interested in and have your questions answered on admissions, accommodation and student finance. If you haven't already signed up for the sessions you're interested in, please make sure you do so once this talk is finished. Now, normally at this point in an open day on campus, I'd be sat on stage at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, but I came to talk to you all about what it's like to be a student here at BCU, once our Vice Chancellor, Professor Philip Plowden, has welcomed you all to the university, and I'm still going to do they say you can hear a little bit more about the opportunities and experiences I've had, and you could, too, if you choose to come to BCU. But first, I would like to introduce you to Professor Plowden from the stage of the conservatoire who's going to introduce you all to our very special university. [00:01:09][65.5] Professor Philip Plowden: [00:01:11] Welcome virtually to the amazing Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, a proud part of Birmingham City University. And welcome to this unusual virtual open day talk from myself, I'm Philip Plowden, I'm the Vice Chancellor here at Birmingham City University. And I'm sorry that we can't get you in in person for the open day, but you'll appreciate that we need to ensure not only that we protect your health and wellbeing, but particularly that we look after the health and wellbeing of all of our staff and all of our students. But I do want to say that if in due course you get the opportunity to come and visit us do come and visit, because there's nothing quite like being here. But if you're having to take your decision based on what you're seeing online, please be confident that this is a university that is growing fast. That has confidence in its own future and is in this amazing city, which opens up opportunities for all of our students going forward. So thank you for watching this. [00:01:11][0.0] [65.5]