Disrupted studies referee form

Form Completion

Please complete as much of the form as possible so that we have the full information for consideration and can respond as quickly as possible.

BCU ID Number – is unique to your student and they will find it on any Admissions’ email they will have received from BCU
If a claim has been submitted by email, the Admissions team will forward the disrupted studies form for completion.

You must have the applicant’s permission to share their information with BCU.

Electronic signatures are acceptable.

Response time

We will aim to respond within 10 working day wherever possible.

Applicant form and disrupted studies page

You can find full details of our disrupted studies policy and our applicant form here.

Student date of birth
I confirm that the information provided on this form is a complete and accurate record and that no material information has been willingly omitted. I give my consent to the processing of this information by Birmingham City University.