Portfolio Guidance

When applying to many of our Arts, Design and Media courses, you will be asked to provide a digital portfolio. This is an opportunity to show us who you are, your artistic ability and your potential.

You will be asked to submit a digital portfolio to us within 28 days of receiving your invite to submit a portfolio review. We know that you may be applying to us relatively early in the academic year, while you are still building an updated portfolio, so please note that we are happy for you to submit the following: GCSE work (for undergraduate programmes); work from the previous year; work in progress, such as sketches of ideas; and photos of your work.

Tips on what to include in your portfolio

Watch the video for our tips on how to create a portfolio and what to include in it


For full details of what we’d like to see in your portfolio, please see our subject specific guidance below.

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

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Birmingham School of Art

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School of Fashion and Textiles

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School of Games, Film and Animation

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School of Jewellery

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School of Visual Communication

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