Cluster for Research into Extremism, Security Studies and Terrorism

Centre for Applied Criminology CREST Page Image 350x263 - Virtual padlock Led by Dr Imran Awan, CREST brings together academic expertise from researchers working in the broad area of security studies and specifically issues related to political and human (in)security.

Questions of security continue to challenge individuals, organisations and governments and in CREST, we engage in innovative, needs-led research to make sense of the issues, concepts and debates that emerge in and around this topic. 


  1. To enhance public understanding of the nature of threats to national, regional and human security.
  2. To inform debates surrounding the ‘security paradox’ and ‘security dilemmas’ and resultant discussion regarding whose security is important.
  3. To develop understanding of how the Criminal Justice System and wider political institutions (national and supranational) can be used to combat threats to security.
  4. To ensure that CREST research enhances the student experience. 

Our researchers are exploring a range of topics including theoretical debates on the nature of security studies, asking "Whose security is important?",  examining issues related to cybercrime, surveillance and online hate speech, and security issues including threats to national, regional and human security, extremism, far-right threats, terrorism, hate crime, organised crime and inequalities of power. A few examples of the clusters work can be found below: