Crime and Criminals

This strand of research focuses on examining the nature and attributes of different types of criminal offence, and on exploring the characteristics of those who offend and what drives them to do so. This strand also critically explores the processes of criminalisation, along with the examination into the range of harms caused by actions not currently defined as “criminal”.

Crime and Criminals research strand

Areas of activity

  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Familial violence
  • Intimate partner aggression
  • Technology-facilitated abuse
  • Youth knife crime
  • Homicide and multiple homicide
  • Mass killing
  • Predictors of self-reported offending
  • The modelling of crime and criminal action patterns
  • Video games and violence
  • Links between drill music and knife crime
  • The assessment and treatment of offenders
  • Prisoner health
  • Offender rehabilitation
  • Relationships between work and crime
  • Comic books as a form of rehabilitation

Staff working in this strand

The Crime and Society research centre is cross-disciplinary and encourages researchers to engage with research across other strands and centres. Find out more about the staff and research students behind the centre.