The best crime podcasts to listen to right now

Many of us have developed a slight fascination with the true crime genre over the past couple of years and we have seen an increase in the amount of TV shows, movies and podcasts that allow viewers and listeners to get their true crime fix.

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The great thing about true crime podcasts is that listeners are often encouraged to form their own theories, and sometimes they are helping to investigate cases in real-time. There are so many podcasts out there for you to get stuck in to, so we’ve formed a list of our favourites to get you started.


Probably the most well-known true crime podcast, Serial, was the series that got us hooked on true crime stories and was ranked number one for several weeks on iTunes. Each season unfolds one true crime story and the episodes look at the twists and turns of the case. The great thing about this podcast is the host, Sarah, has no idea how the story will conclude until she reaches the end along with the listeners.

In The Dark

A team of investigative journalists look into the case of abducted child, Jacob Wetterling, and the case of Curtis Flowers, a death row inmate who has been tried 6 times for the same crime. Host Madeleine talks you through the details of the cases and takes you along as the team interview key figures and try to gather evidence in order to solve the crimes. This podcast is totally addictive and really immerses you in the story of the victims - you even get regular update episodes so you can stay in the loop even after the seasons have finished.

They Walk Among Us

An award-winning podcast that focuses specifically on crimes committed in the UK. The host examines a range of crimes close to home, committed by ordinary people, some of which have even made the headlines.

Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad

Jensen, an investigative journalist, and Holes, a retired cold case investigator, use their skills to look into missing person cases, unidentified remains and unsolved murders. They use a variety of methods and their professional knowledge to try and solve these crimes, including DNA searches and social media geo-targeting. The podcast also encourages listeners to join The Murder Squad and send in their theories about the cases.

UK True Crime Podcast

Another UK based true crime podcast which posts weekly episodes. The focus with this podcast is to put a spotlight on the cases that have not received much attention or media coverage. The host also aims to show you different perspectives on the cases that you might not have already heard of.  

Crime Junkie

The perfect podcast for those of you who just cannot get enough of true crime! Looking into missing people, serial killers, wanted people, unsolved murders and conspiracy cases, you get a full range of the darkest crimes committed. The hosts talk through the cases and ask questions in order to build the picture of what happened in each story.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

A spooky podcast that is actually hosted by an autopsy technician. Morbid takes a look at historic true crime cases and delves into all of their research, with each episode focusing on a different case. There is some humour involved in this podcast series too, so you might find it a little bit more light-hearted than others!

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

This podcast focuses on real life cold cases and unsolved murders and releases a new episode every Tuesday. Each case tends to get two episodes which takes you through all of the gritty details of the case. The hosts narrate the story with the support of a cast who act out key scenes to help dramatise the story.