Ambassador Blogs: Why I Chose to Study Criminology

Social Media Ambassador Vishna discusses why she chose Birmingham City University.

When deciding on my course at University, I knew I wanted to study a course within the Social Sciences. And after I had attended an open day here at Birmingham City University, I chose to study BSc (Hons) Criminology, Policing and investigation.

A career in the criminal justice field has always interested me – I love true crime shows and documentaries, and through my studies, my passion for this area has only grown.

When I initially attended the course overview, I was slightly apprehensive about my decision. However, after listening to the lecturers speak about the subject and the range of modules, I knew that Criminology would be the subject I studied.

It was reassuring hearing that the staff had previous experience within many areas of the police and had published research.  One of the key things that also stood out was the open-door policy, which means that there are dedicated hours during the week where I can ask my lecturers any questions I have. This has proven very helpful when it comes to deadlines!

There is a strong working relationship between the criminology department and West Midlands Police Force, which means I have been presented with opportunities throughout my time here and I have been able to experience many guest talks from a range of professionals. Something else that helped in my decision to choose a Criminology degree was the range of job opportunities there are once I have completed my degree.

Whilst being a student at BCU I have been equipped with a range of skills needed for life after university such as budgeting, time management and presenting. These professional skills will get me ready for the world of work after graduating.

While visiting the BCU campus I realised I loved how modern it was and all the facilities it has to offer. Being a 10-minute walking distance to Bullring made it even better. There are so many different ways to socialise here in Birmingham from restaurants to bars and even mini golf.

I knew that moving away from home, however daunting that felt, was the right thing to do and after spending 4 years here I can say I have enjoyed every second! 

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