Five simple revision tips for parents

Exam season is fast approaching and you’re probably feeling the pressure of trying to help your child prepare. We’ve compiled some revision tips to help you banish the stress of exam prep.

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Establish effective study habits

Help your child create a study plan early on (this will make you aware of their exam dates too), making sure it is realistic and achievable to avoid de-motivation. Planning in advance will also help avoid ineffective cramming sessions further down the line. Encourage them to use a weekly planner so they are accountable for their work. Don’t micro-manage. Provide extra support if they need or ask for it.

Take a break!

Don’t try and force them to work for hours at a time. Their concentration span is limited and it will hinder the success of their revision if they are trying to do mammoth sessions. Suggest the use of a timer as well as regularly changing revision subject, to avoid getting stuck in a rut. Check out our Pomodoro video as it's a really simple way for students to manage their time effectively.

Watch for signs of frustration

It’s important that your child is in the right frame of mind for revising. If they are struggling over something in particular, it may be best to park it for the night, reassess the next day and break it down into manageable chunks. Look out for stress and worry over exams that have been and gone. Be sure to ask them how their exam went, then shift their focus to what’s coming up next and encourage them to say in a positive mindset. 

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