American Internship Programme

Chanae Humes

Chanae spent her internship in New York with corporate firm Spears & Imes LLP. She worked on cases relating to securities enforcement and contractual disputes, and also contributed to a drug and tax fraud case.

"As well as the legal experience, it's important to emphasise that I was able to embrace another culture and lifestyle. Spears & Imes LLP was not only amazing for the experience the firm gave me with regards to my legal skills, but they ensured I enjoyed my time in ‘the city that never sleeps.’ From authentic Japanese food to the best French mac and cheese New York could offer, everyone took me to best restaurants, recommended the top places, introduced me to the New York addiction of iced coffee and made me feel at home from my very first day."

"My experience in New York is one I will never forget. It has already made an impact on my legal career with a result of further opportunities gained and increased my desire to obtain a job in the legal profession. I have now completed one of my lifetime goals thanks to the opportunity Birmingham City University offers to their students."

Lorna Arnold

Lorna Arnold Lorna Arnold was placed at the Arizona Justice Project for her internship, an organisation which helps inmates overturn wrongful convictions.

During her time at the Justice Project, Lorna undertook a variety of tasks. These ranged from attending a conference to carrying out research on my own assigned case. She made legal calls with the inmate, and also accompanied two volunteers on a visit to prison to see an inmate.

"I would definitely recommend a student to undertake the internship programme. In addition to me gaining many unique and useful skills which I know I will use within University and later on in life, the experience is rewarding, fun and is an amazing opportunity to work in a legal environment and contribute to a case."

Radha Chauhan

Radha worked at a Judge's Chambers in Chicago during her internship. She specialised in Mechanics Liens - an area of law relating to the security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labour or materials to improve the property.

"My internship will have a lasting effect on me. It has refined my research and analytical skills, given me the confidence to engage with legal professionals and has improved my oral and written communication. It has also broadened my horizons as I had the opportunity to live and work in a different country and I have gained first-hand experience in the largest legal system. It was a challenging and unique experience; however it has confirmed my desire for a career in law and has shown me that I am capable of achieving it."