Law School expert in law and creativity delivers practical legal education to artists.

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Dr Mitchell Longan, Lecturer in Law at Birmingham City University School of Law, has collaborated with STEAMhouse to provide practical legal education to working artists.

The collaboration between the School of Law and STEAMhouse is designed to facilitate the provision of accessible functional education often overlooked in a typical creative degree course. This series of lectures relate to the work undertaken by the Centre for Law, Science and Policy, which fosters world-leading interdisciplinary teaching, research and practice to drive creative thinking.

In January 2023, Dr Longan gave a lecture on copyright law as it applies to artists. The next lecture will address the law relating to contracts. The lecture will provide a thorough explanation of what a contract is and how it is formed, as well as go through a few different industry contracts explaining the meaning of various terms.

These lectures will empower artists to have a clearer insight into the laws that impact their work, feel more confident and secure in the contracts they sign and create, and have fun while learning.

Dr Longan said:

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