Centre for Law, Science and Policy

The Centre for Law, Science, and Policy provides an environment for academics, students, and professional partners, from a range of disciplines and professions, to co-create world-leading interdisciplinary teaching, research, and practice, where there is a shared interest in understanding how the law and its agents approach the world.

The Centre aims to foster collective understanding across disciplines and drive creative thinking through harnessing expertise across BCU; providing opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop interdisciplinary skills and knowledge; and engaging with a range of professional external partners.

Lawyers often have need to step outside their legal training and develop an understanding about other disciplines and professions approach the world. For instance, a criminal barrister or Crown Court judge might need to understand the science behind DNA technology or the clinical frameworks used by psychiatrists making mental health diagnoses; a lawyer representing a nurse in a tribunal concerning the quality of patient care will need to be familiar with the ethos of the nurse’s professional code of practice; lawyers working in family court might benefit from the expertise of social and care workers; and government lawyers and legal scholars might be enriched by the perspectives of political scientists and calculations that can be made by statisticians. Equally, there is much other disciplines and professions can learn from how the law and its agents approach the world. In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, inter-disciplinary working is of great value.

The Centre shares interests with the School of Law’s other research centres, the Centre for American Legal Studies and the Centre for Human Rights.

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Faculty Collaborations

With a cross-university membership, the Centre for Law, Science and Policy harnesses the range of expertise at Birmingham City University. 
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Student Collaborations

In order to support students from a range of backgrounds develop their interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, the Centre provides a suite of opportunities for students.
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External Collaborations

The Centre partners with a range of organisations and professionals to undertake teaching, research, and practice activities.
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Members and partners

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