Why I Chose to Study Law with American Legal Studies

Social Media Ambassador Carson discusses why she chose Birmingham City University.

When deciding which University to study at, I knew that law was a course I wished to pursue not only due to my fascination with the legal system as a process for enforcing the law, but also more importantly due to implications law may have for a harmonious and fair society.

I knew that I wanted to pursue a legal degree which included US Law, incorporating my personal background as a dual citizen as well as reflecting my A-Level Politics studies which I found captivating in its introduction to both the UK and US legal systems. From my research, I found only five universities at the time offered the niche course of LLB with American Legal Studies. After extensively reviewing different courses, I decided to study LLB Law with American Legal Studies at Birmingham City University (BCU), due to both the course content as well as the extensive opportunities offered to students.

Regarding course content, I was attracted to the course's incorporation of American Law module options amongst English Law modules, from American Legal Practice to American Criminal Procedure and Evidence. In particular, the opportunity to select American Legal Practice as a module proved enticing, separating this course from all other universities, due to offering students the invaluable opportunity to gain legal experience in the US through an internship programme with institutions such as the Library of Congress as well as Private Attorney Offices across the States.

Moreover, BCU’s strong focus on developing students' employability through an extensive range of opportunities in preparation for graduation and a competitive job market was attractive.

For instance, through Voluntary Research Assistantships and participating in BCU’s Law clinic.

Additionally, BCU is home to the prestigious British Journal of American Legal Studies, presenting students with the opportunity to become student editors, developing American BlueBook citation knowledge gained through the study of American modules.

I was finally influenced to apply to BCU after attending an Open day in which I recognised the great level of support provided by the Law Faculty to students in ensuring they succeed as well as BCU’s wide sense of community from the Women’s Society to the Law Society.

To conclude, I knew in applying to Birmingham City University I would be able to study a degree I’m passionate about whilst gaining the legal experience necessary to navigate the competitive field of law.

Law with American Legal Studies at BCU

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