Benefits of having a career in horology

Horology is the study of time and the art of measuring it. It involves the design, construction, and maintenance of clocks, watches, and other timepieces. Horology is a fascinating field that combines both technical and artistic aspects. Studying horology can lead to a variety of career opportunities, including watchmaking, clockmaking, restoration, and museum work. 

Benefits of Studying Horology:

Studying Horology has great benefits which includes job security, being creative and appreciating a timeless craft. So whether you are really good with your fingers, or just someone that loves watching a clock tick, here are the main benefits of why you should study Horology. 

Job Security

As long as there are people who appreciate and value the intricate workings of a mechanical watch or clock, there will be a need for skilled horologists. Horology is a specialized field, and those who possess the skills and knowledge needed to work in this field will always be in demand. There is a global shortage of skilled watch & clockmakers which offers the opportunity to move on to a variety of exciting careers in the Horological World from the servicing arena to the specialist worlds of museum work, auction and other retail environments, or indeed specialist restoration.

Creative Outlet

Horology is both a technical and artistic pursuit. It requires precision, attention to detail, and an eye for design. It is a creative outlet that allows you to express your artistic side while also satisfying your technical interests.
Intellectual Challenge: Studying horology requires a lot of patience and problem-solving skills. It involves working with intricate mechanisms and understanding how they work. It is a challenging field that will keep you mentally stimulated and engaged.

Timeless Craft

Horology is a timeless craft that has been around for centuries. Studying horology allows you to be a part of a long and rich history of timekeeping. We have a strong employability record with graduates recently taking up places with employers such as Cartier, Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Xupes. Other Alumni work with Roger Smith, look after significant collections such as at the British Museum, work in major Auction Houses like Bonhams and Fellows, and have even and have restored the Great Clock of Westminster (AKA Big Ben!). There may well be any number of similar opportunities ahead for you.

BA (Hons) Horology Course

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Career Aspects of Horology:

There are many careers to consider in Horology, from working on tiny pocket and wrist watches to Big Ben! Horology covers a vast area of career opportunities and with a global shortage of Horologists, it's the perfect subject area to study.


Watchmaking is the most popular career aspect of horology. It involves designing, constructing, and repairing watches. It requires a high level of technical skill and precision.


Clockmaking is similar to watchmaking, but it involves the design, construction, and repair of clocks. It requires a broader understanding of mechanical principles and a need for sympathetic restoration skills. 


Restoration involves the repair and restoration of antique watches and clocks. It requires a deep understanding of the history of timepieces and the ability to work with delicate and rare materials.

Museum Work

Museums often have collections of antique watches and clocks that require care and maintenance. Working in a museum can be a great way to learn about horology while also sharing your knowledge with others.

Is Horology for you?

Studying horology can be a rewarding experience that offers many benefits. It is a specialized field that requires a high level of technical skill and precision, but it also offers an artistic outlet and an intellectual challenge. The career aspects of horology are diverse and can lead to a variety of opportunities. Whether you choose to become a watchmaker, clockmaker, restorer, or museum worker, studying horology is a great way to be a part of a timeless craft that has been around for centuries.

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