Knowledge to Care (K2C)

The Knowledge to Care (K2C) cluster develops the theory and practice of evidence-informed healthcare. We strategically integrate five ways of working that underpin contemporary healthcare to inform our activity. The K2C cluster views knowledge mobilisation, co-creation, patient and public involvement and engagement, implementation science and improvement science as complementary and interlocking facets. We encapsulate these facets in research and scholarship activity to maximise impact.

Knowledge to care

Our mission is to operationalise evidence-informed care, this is complex and challenging. Our expertise allows us to use a repertoire of techniques to support healthcare practitioners to optimise care.      

We are central in the West Midlands Knowledge Mobilisation Collaboration and work closely with Keele IAU and WM ARC


External members

Areas of activity

  • Co-creation
  • Implementation science
  • Improvement science 
  • Knowledge mobilisation
  • Patient and public involvement and engagement
  • Impact

Research projects