This is why you should Return To Practice!

If your Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Registration has lapsed but you would like to return to nursing practice, then we can help you!

Return to Practice Course Leader, Heather Scripps, shares 10 reasons why you should return to practice as an Allied Health ProfessionalMidwifeHealth Visitor or Nurse.

1. Get financial support

Health Education England will pay your course fees and, once you start placement, your placement provider will apply for your placement allowance of £1000 which you will received to support you while on the course with travel, childcare and book costs etc.

2. Make a difference!

Returning to practice will ensure patients and families get the best care and the benefit of your previous experience.

3. It will allow you to follow your vocation

Coming back to practice will allow you to regain a qualification you worked hard to obtain.

4. Be updated on current nursing practice and issues

In returning you'll refresh your knowledge and skills and be prepared for the challenges that working in the modern NHS provides.

5. Discover new opportunities 

Activating your lapsed PIN will give you the opportunity to build a new career (in areas such as advanced care practice, research, management and education).

6. Guaranteed support

Returning to Practice can be challenging, so we make sure that you are completely supported by our academic team, Academic Development Department, Enablement Team and Placement managers.

7. Learn new skills 

Returning to Practice will enable you to build on your skills in patient care, assertiveness, team working, Information literacy/technology skills, numeracy-the list is endless.

8. Make new friends 

You'll have a common goal with other students wanting to return and will build friendships as you progress on the course.

9. Develop your reflective skills 

The module philosophy encourages you to develop and engage in reflective practice, by doing this we hope to enable you to develop skills, review effectiveness of the care you provide and build self-awareness.

10. You will help the NHS

Returning to Practice will help to increase the number of nurses in the current workforce and also support nurses staying in the profession.

Return to Practice 

If you're thinking about returning to practice then find out more about our courses and see how we can support you to re-join you profession. 

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