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Undergraduate Secondary Partnerships

The Undergraduate QTS degree trains teachers of  Biology, Computer Science and PE over a 3 year period.

These pages contain a range of documents and support materials to accompany our Secondary course. Documentation is intended to provide partners with a holistic understanding of the course and a more specific knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of tutors, mentors and trainee teachers.

BCU Partnership Agreement

Professional Mentor Information Briefing Pack

The BA/ BSc with QTS is designed to provide a specialist degree alongside QTS status.  When not in school trainees are engaged with undergraduate study and assessment in their specialist subject.  Entry to the course is via UCAS and the entry grades are appropriate to the course.

All trainees complete 120 credits each year through completion of education and subject specific modules.

Each subject pathway completes a Professional Studies module each year. This includes topics such as behaviour management, metacognition, diversity, scaffolding and many more topic areas.

Some of the indicative subject specific ITE content learned and applied in modules:

BA (Hons) Secondary Physical Education with QTS
  • A variety of PE specific pedagogical models across yr1-3.
  • Motor development of children and how children learn in PE
  • The specific areas of the PE national curriculum, covered in the first two years.
  • The role of PE, physical activity and sport in promoting lifelong learning and healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Effective assessment procedures in PE
BSc (Hons) Secondary Science (Biology) with QTS
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Pedagogical processes specific to science.
  • Physical sciences, inclusive of chemistry and physics.
BSc (Hons) Secondary Computing with QTS
  • Contemporary issues in Computer Science
  • Web design
  • Programming
  • Operating systems
  • Pedagogical and assessment procedures in computing.

Here is some feedback from our current cohort outlining ways in which combining undergraduate subject study with QTS prepares them as teachers of the future:

"Inspiring, diligent, and compassionate are the attributes that I embody. As a BCU teacher in training, my aim is to be an asset to the school community and strive to enhance pupils learning by increasing their interest in Biology. I want to use my vision as a teacher and my passion for my subject to establish a positive learning atmosphere within the classroom. The programme that I am enrolled on, BSc (Hons) Biology with QTS, is filled with both pedagogical knowledge and biomedical science which robustly covers the practical and theoretical side to becoming a successful teacher.  My priority is to develop skills in all the Teachers' Standards, to deliver stimulating Biology lessons and to demonstrate the right personal and professional attributes as a beginning teacher. My learning has shown me that engaging lessons and positive pupil-teacher interactions are vital to successful teaching as well as maintaining positive wellbeing leading to an enthusiastic classroom culture - and thus I aim to deliver lessons by fulfilling my future pupils' needs (both academically and personally)."

Anisa Begum - Undergraduate Biology trainee

"I have learned more things about myself, about my personality, in my first semester on the BCU BSc (Hons) Computer Studies with QTS course than in my entire life. I honestly believe I will gain insight into my teaching skills and strengths even more widely as I start my school placement  in my locality, so I can also give something back to my community!    The good thing about teaching is that the pupils are not the only ones who learn, I also learn a bunch of things from them and from the wider profession.  I am looking forward to getting into teaching as I progress through my BCU course."

Alex Gabor Ghimici - Undergraduate Computer Science trainee

"Sport is essential to our physical, mental and social wellbeing and I would argue now more than ever during these unprecedented times. I have seen the positive impacts of this in the last 8 schools that I have taught in both Primary, Secondary and SEND PE classes both here in the UK and in America. I believe that every child has at least one sport that they can enjoy and continue for the rest of their lives. However, it’s essential they have a teacher that shows the passion and enthusiasm to help them through their journey. I would love to be this teacher.  My passion for teaching stems from seeing the progress the students make through rich learning experiences over time. Now I feel a sense of achievement as I know that I have helped the student to develop their learning.   My BCU BA (Hons) Physical Education with QTS has helped me to develop my teaching skills and my pedagogical approach to learning.  I have learnt the different approaches and techniques involved with teaching and how to keep the students engaged throughout lessons to maximise their potentials. I have all learnt ways to minimise behaviour disruption in a lesson which plays a vital role in the learning outcome."

Lewis Jones - Undergraduate P.E. trainee