Top tips for applying to BSc Social Work

If you're wondering about taking the next step and applying for a course then we've got the help you need to make an application for our Social Work degree.

Social Work students roleplaying with EBEs

A picture of you in our minds

Your personal statement should give us a clear picture of you as an individual and tell us about your experiences, skills and interests you have as well as what positives or strengths you would bring to the course and the University.

More than qualifications

Try not to focus only on your qualifications or what you are studying. We're looking for you to show a real interest in social work and some understanding of what being a social worker involves. Think about how your qualifications and studies will help to make you a good social work student.

Your skills

Think about the skills you have learnt from your interests and hobbies. Could any of these, such as working in a team, communication skills, working directly with the public, be relevant to becoming a social worker?

Real-world experience

If you have practical experience, your personal statement should tell us what you've done what you've learnt from it. If you have personal experience of social work - such as if you're a care leaver yourself or have cared for a relative - it would also be good to include this.

Honesty is the best policy

Above all be yourself and be honest about your skills and qualifications. Integrity is hugely important in the social work profession so you need to show this from the start.

Be clear

Write in a clear and coherent style which demonstrates your motivation, inspiration, passion and commitment to become a social worker. Remember that your personal statement is a more formal piece of writing so we're not expecting to see "I wanna b a social worker cos..." - after all, we'll be looking for academic essays from you and the ability to keep detailed reports of your work on placement. (It’s also a good idea to remember this if you need to email a course tutor or our admissions team too!)

Social Work students roleplaying with EBEs

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