Top tips for applying for an education course

If you're wondering about taking the next step and applying for a course then we've got the help you need to make an application for an education course.

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A picture of you in our minds

Your personal statement should give us a clear picture of you as an individual and tell us about your experiences, skills and interests you have as well as what positives you would bring to the course and the University. Reflect on previous learning and assessments - what do you feel your particular strengths are and how you feel these will support you in future learning.

More than qualifications

Don't just repeat the qualifications you have, or what you are studying, all of that information is already on the form! Tell us about your skills and interests you have, as well as your experiences and how they demonstrate you would be an asset to the course and the University. Never undervalue what you’ve learned or any skills that you’ve developed (such as communication skills, dealing with the public and teamwork) in part-time jobs or voluntary roles.

Do your homework!

Do you fully understand the course you’ve applied for and where? You’d be surprised how many applicants mistake the different universities in a large city like Birmingham! Do you know – and are you able to explain - why you have applied for this course? These are simple questions, but can be challenging to answer.

Real-world experience

If you’ve had any practical and/or placement experience already, always note this and give specific examples of how they relate to the course you are applying for.

Passion for your subject

Show a real interest in the subject. If you are applying for a number of courses that are similar, but not the same, explain how they are connected and how and why they all interest you. Tell us about any educational or social issues that particularly matter to you. If you haven’t already done any research, it’s worth doing some that you can show an understanding of current curriculum, legislation and/or theory (depending on the course you’re applying for).

The future

Tell us what you hope to do in the future. You might well change your mind as you progress through your course, but it’s really interesting to know what your thoughts and ideas are at this stage.

Be clear

Write in a clear and coherent style which demonstrates your motivation, inspiration, passion and commitment to your subject area. Remember that your personal statement is a more formal piece of writing so we're not expecting to see "I wanna b an early years teacher cos..." - after all, we'll be looking for academic essays from you and the ability to set an example to your pupils. (It’s also a good idea to remember this if you need to email a course tutor or our admissions team too!)

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