Danyal Ismet

Course of Study: BSc Computer Networks for Security
Company Name: Capgemini
Company Size: Global
Date recruited: September 2011
Industry: IT Services
Location: West Midlands

What is your role in the business?

I am currently a Security Analyst on a two year graduate rotation. My first rotation was in the front end impacting team and I was tasked with providing security impacts for new and existing systems. I had to determine whether specific changes to a system may pose a security risk, and if any impacts are required and conducted in order to aid this process.

My objectives for this rotation were:

  • To provide a timely and high quality response to impact requests, giving due consideration to the impacting principles.
  • To be responsible for the generation of the weekly delivery manager’s report from the Front End Impacting database, and the uploading of the generated report into the relevant tracking tools.
  • To work as part of the Front End impacting team acting as a point of contact for all reporting for the Security & Risk Management Front End team; including the creation of ad hoc reports as and when required by either other people within the Security & Risk Management department, or external to Security & Risk Management

My second rotation is located in the security architecture and delivery team. I work alongside security architects to ensure that the delivery of a project keeps to its timeline, as well as providing advice and guidance on specific changes that can be occurring on a project.

My objectives for this rotation are:

  • Successfully provide direction, guidance and accreditation services with the aim to gain an appreciation of how each process fits together and to achieve an accreditable solution.
  • Develop an in depth knowledge of all processes involved with the project lifecycle.
  • Identify opportunities to add value to the architecture team whilst developing knowledge and learning.

What has been your impact in the business?

Whilst on rotation in the front end team, I altered the process of issuing approval statements to security managers. By doing this it allowed security managers to easily determine which project had been approved, with a snapshot of the relevant information and timescales that they could record and propagate to the relevant teams. This provided them with more information and improved a continuous business process.

I have also redesigned the team leave tool which allowed the front end and delivery team to record their time more effectively. It allowed better forecasting and provided the opportunity to allocate extra resources at periods where employees may be taking leave or on training.

At Capgemini, we are given the opportunity to get involved in activities outside of our job roles and I am currently part of the communications and recruitment affinity group, giving me the opportunity to get involved in the company publications and help deliver assessment centres.

What skills did you learn while studying at Birmingham City University that helped you find your job?

Whilst at Birmingham City University I learnt a vast array of skills that have allowed me to perform in a business environment. The corporate partners (e.g. Cisco and Microsoft) that the University have in place really gave me a head start in industry; as I was working on physical hardware that is used in the working world. The different modules I studied, such as network design and management, advanced networking technologies and personal ID authentication systems allowed me to stand out from other applicants.

The placement year gave me invaluable experience in industry. It gave me confidence working in a business environment, and experience that allowed me to secure a rewarding graduate position within a highly regarded organisation.