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Innovation Fest celebrates the creative talents of our undergraduate and postgraduate students, inspiring them to address real-world problems through research and innovation.

As a Computing, Engineering and Built Environment (CEBE) student at BCU, you'll have the opportunity to participate in Innovation Fest, an event that fosters entrepreneurship and helps you develop skills as a future world-changer.

Innovation stories

At BCU, First-year CEBE students have the unique chance to contribute their creativity, dedication, and positively impact society. Innovation Fest provides a glimpse into the exciting endeavours awaiting students in the Computing, Engineering, and Built Environment Faculty.

Learn more about what was showcased at Innovation Fest 2023 and take a look at what some of our students produced.

11 years of innovation

Over the past decade, our students have pushed the boundaries of what is possible and created solutions to real-world challenges.


Explore STEAMhouse

Innovation Fest occurs in our brand new STEAMhouse building at our City Centre campus. Fancy a look around? Watch as Student Vlogger Caitlin takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the building and its facilities.

Welcome to STEAMhouse, the new home of Computing and Digital Technology. Let's take a look around. STEAMhouse has many teaching rooms across four floors which are open and mouldable and offer agile learning. This is Challenge Hub, STEAMhouse's major event space. Many external and internal guest speakers have been invited to STEAMhouse sessions - just in this very room such as the Mayor of Birmingham, the Vice Chancellor, guest speakers and the Chambers of Commerce. There's also been many cool events such as Careers Fair and Innovation Fest. It's a great opportunity for students network with local businesses and professionals, right next to where you'll be studying. This is STEAMhouse's production space it's used by local businesses to print, prototype and manufacture products. It's a great opportunity for students to network with business professionals, especially if they're aspiring entrepreneurs. This is the co-working space where businesses can meet, network and collaborate. It's in the heart of STEAMhouse right next to the Business Incubator and the teaching rooms. This is the STEAMhouse incubator, home of many businesses with their own office space. Being so close to teaching facilities opens up so many opportunities for students to get involved. This is one of STEAMhouse's innovative classrooms which offers open spaces for you to learn. There's also lots of comfy study areas for you to come and catch up on your work. Just look at this amazing environment.

About the event

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About Innovation Fest

Innovation fest 2023

See highlights from last year's event and cutting-edge student projects.

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Innovation Fest

BCU's Innovation Festival is a unique opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and technical expertise. Over the past decade, our students have pushed the boundaries of what is possible and created solutions to real-world challenges.

Innovation Festival 2024

Innovation Stories

Innovation Fest' at Birmingham City University offers a multidisciplinary, team-based experience to first-year students in computing, engineering, and the built environment. With a focus on real-world issues related to STEAM and the Sustainable Development Goals, students develop problem-solving skills, social responsibility, and commitment to viable solutions.

Innovation stories

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The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and The Built Environment (CEBE) is located at the City Centre Campus. It comprises of two schools that, together, can respond dynamically to the multiple modern technological challenges posed by fast-paced industries.

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