Lukmon Adebesin

Business Information Technology student Lukmon Adebesin worked as an IT Operation Analyst for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix. While on his placement year, the team won the Formula 1 World Championship, an amazing moment to be a part of. Lukmon was involved in a range of tasks including data analysis, report creation and technical support, liaising with end users and third-party suppliers. Lukmon told us about his placement year in person.

What did you like most about working at Mercedes-Benz?

I loved the organisation's culture, from my department to the whole team. Every now and then, the drivers would come to the factory and talk to staff – they are interested in what we do and how we contribute to their success. There were also race debriefs to tell the staff about what went on behind the scenes, not to mention champagne to celebrate the team’s victories. 

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Any highlights?

The highlight of the year was when we won the championship – it was one of the best days of my life, seeing over 800 staff gathered together celebrating the championship with the drivers and board members. Also, winning the championship meant every staff gets a bonus! I now know how IT enhances Formula One cars’ performances and the impact IT can have on organisations. 

Do you think your placement has positively impacted on your studies?

Overall, I feel like going on placement has really helped me mature as a person and academically too. I find myself asking more questions in lectures now because I can relate the theory to a real-world scenario and actually give my opinion on different issues. 

Do you think your placement year has increased your employability prospects?

I think doing a placement year has improved my employability. I have already been getting phone calls from recruitment agencies about when I'd be available. I would definitely advise any students to opt for a placement year to boost their employability.