Masud Sarwar


Hie my name is Masud Sarwar and my course is Computer Networks and security. The company that I worked for and did my placement year is Glaxo Smith Kline and I had a variety of job roles which was mainly network trouble shooting, providing first line support and doing network performance analysis and providing consultancies to customers.

My Job Role

The activities that I was doing were mainly project management work, setting up network services for local companies and manufacturing sites and research development sites and improving network performance issues for European markets and research development sites based in India and Pakistan.

Why Placement?

I only took placement year because I wanted a clear direction of what I wanted to do after I graduate and I also wanted to get the experience of in a networking field. The experience that you get, which is really invaluable and it does make you look good in the CV as well and bumps up your employability skills.