Zuzana Muckova

After falling in love with the Birmingham City University campus, Zuzana chose to study BSc (Hons) Property Development and Planning so that she could contribute towards creating better and more sustainable places for future generations to enjoy. We caught up with Zuzana who tells us more about her experience studying at BCU.

What course do you study and why?

I chose the BSc (Hons) Property Development and Planning course because this subject is my passion. I feel a great sense of responsibility to contribute towards creating sustainable and better places for future generations. We live in a world where nature is crying and begging for help, while cities are facing challenges they have never faced before. There is a big urgency to improve the way cities are planned, managed and used on a daily basis. Urban planners can play a great role in contributing towards such shifts.

What opportunities have you been involved with during your degree?

While studying, I have had the opportunity to:

  • Secure a studentship and attend a Summer School in Pavia, Italy on The City as a Commons, where I engaged with a number of different activities (guest lectures, fieldwork, design-oriented sessions) and worked in small international teams on new community projects. It was truly amazing to meet and work with such inspiring, creative people.
  • Assist a few academics as a research partner and assistant across different projects within the Centre for Built Environment.
  • Co-found the Built Environment Society.
  • Be granted the prestigious national Royal Town Planning Institute Trust Award.
  • Undertake a summer placement in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization in the Department of Methodology and Coordination of Bodies, supported by Erasmus+. My role was to contribute to research and knowledge towards the SMART City National Strategy for Slovakia.

All of these opportunities have helped me to gain confidence and knowledge in my professional field.

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What are your future plans/goals?

My plan for the future is to continue my studies by enrolling on the MA Planning Built Environments at BCU. My goal is to contribute towards planning healthier and greener cities. People’s health and well-being should become a priority and cities should develop a stronger and more meaningful sense of community. 

What advice would you give to students starting the course?

My advice is to take every single opportunity you are offered, because three years will fly by and you want to make sure that you are leaving with some valuable experiences, not just your university qualification.

What do you enjoy the most about studying at BCU?

I really enjoy the well-maintained, modern and study-friendly facilities. The support from staff and academics has been extremely valuable and so the several opportunities for personal and professional development I have been offered throughout the past three years.