Mohamed Kamara

Mohamed studies BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering and spent his placement year with Dyer & Butler as a Setting Out Student Engineer on a highways project in Brighton.

What did you do on your placement year?

I spent one year on a placement as a ‘Setting Out Student Engineer’ with Dyer & Butler. I worked on a £10m Highway scheme project in Brighton – Valley Gardens. The project I was involved in was mainly site-based with some managerial duties, including:

  • Setting out and providing As-built data and drawings
  • Obtaining correct dispensations and permits for works
  • Management responsibilities such as providing reports on quantity of excavation works for the QS and supervising sub-contractors on site.
  • Liaising with clients on the implementation of PMI’s (project management instructions) and works allocated to me.
  • Checking the quality of works completed by sub-contractors.
  • Issuing out drawings to operatives for any respective phases.

What was your favourite part about the placement?

Meeting and working with amazing, friendly, professional and fun people.

What was the most challenging aspect?

Working in various weather conditions.

Why did you choose to do a placement?

I wanted to gain a broader understanding of the real world of Civil Engineering applications and to discover whether it’s the right choice of career path. After my placement, I concluded that Civil Engineering is the right career path for me. Highways is very competitive, and you are faced with new challenges everyday compared to other sectors within Civil Engineering. However, I also wanted to try sectors other than Highways by becoming more versatile and perhaps I may find other interests that may open more opportunities. Hence, I’m currently seeking a summer placement in the consultancy (mainly design).

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

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Why did you do your placement at your chosen company?

They promote a wide range of opportunities for students and there is a high probability of various platforms for climbing the ladder of progression.

Have you been offered any further opportunities by the company after your placement?

YES! An opportunity to come back as a graduate and be employed by Dyer & Butler.

Do you have any placement advice for other students?

For starters I highly recommend you speak to BCU careers team! They will guide and provide you with all the tools you would need to secure a placement. Additionally, you will get a lot of unsuccessful applications and if you attend an interview and it turns out to be unsuccessful, it means it wasn’t the right job for you. In this case, nine times out of ten you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed or liked it. Don’t give up applying, you will get the right placement at the right time!