Inter-Professional Project

The Inter-Professional Project (IPP) gives final year students experience of working on an industry led project by asking them to pitch solutions to a problem encountered by one of the University’s industry partners.

Students work in teams with peers from across the school to produce a professional report and presentation against a tight deadline.


Students will be assessed on the creativity of their ideas, the coherence of their reports and the persuasiveness of their presentations.

One year, students were asked to advise the City Council on future policy for student accommodation, in the light of expected decline in student numbers. Their work is shown below.

‘Grad Pads’ suggested reworking the halls into housing for young professionals, and included a ‘fly through’ designed by Architectural Technology Student Sean Bloomfield.

BSc Real Estate student Nick Burrell and his team suggested converting the buildings into housing for key workers.

What skills will I learn?

The Inter Professional Project gives students real world experience of problem solving, creative thinking and presentation skills.

The module brings together students from across the School, giving them an opportunity to learn more about related disciplines and to work as a team with people with different skills. It’s a chance for students to make contacts, get feedback and develop professional confidence.