Life after university: Civil Engineering

We recently sat down with Civil Engineering graduate Abi and delved into her journey into the built environment. She told us about her dynamic role at Arup, providing insights into diverse career possibilities, networking, and overcoming challenges. 

Deciding on a Path

The journey to a fulfilling career isn't always a straight road. Abi's path to civil engineering began with a love for architecture, a field she deemed captivating and awe-inspiring. However, the realities of a seven-year architecture journey and a competitive job market led Abi to explore alternative options. Enter Civil Engineering—a field that blended her affinity for mathematics, physics, and a love for stationary structures.

"I always wanted to do architecture," Abi explains, "But the job market for it is so competitive...civil engineering is essentially like the engineering version of architecture, and there's a huge demand for them currently!"

Choosing BCU: A Scholarship Opportunity

Local universities had an undeniable appeal for Abi, who felt more comfortable being close to home. BCU caught her attention, not just for its proximity but also due to a scholarship opportunity that would later prove pivotal in her academic journey.

"I picked BCU because I applied for mostly local universities...I got a scholarship to go to BCU," Abi shares. The Young Innovative Prize, awarded by BCU's Millennium Point, recognised Abi's high performance and paved the way for her bright future in civil engineering."

From Student to Professional: Crafting a Career

Upon graduating, Abi ventured into the world of civil engineering, eager to apply her newfound knowledge. Her postgraduate journey took her through various roles, including stints at a translation company and a housebuilder. Each experience provided valuable insights and honed her skills.

Abi's break came when she joined Wayne Homes NW, a growing company with a foothold in the Midlands. Her role as a technical graduate involved tasks like drainage strategies and landscape assessments. While the challenges were real, Abi's dedication and adaptability shone through, propelling her to take on greater responsibilities with her new role at Arup.

"I'm now my section lead...I am on the road to get chartered," Abi proudly shares. Her pursuit of chartership, supported by her company, reflects her commitment to continuous growth and excellence in her field.

Charting the Path Forward

As Abi reflects on her journey, she offers prospective civil engineering students valuable advice. Networking, she emphasises, plays a crucial role in shaping one's career. Abi's connection with former colleagues and her willingness to explore opportunities led her to her current role, where she now leads a team and contributes to impactful projects.

Abi envisions a diverse range of projects in her bright future, each contributing to her professional development. Her journey exemplifies the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and are willing to carve their paths through the concrete jungles of civil engineering.

Civil Engineering at BCU

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