Advice from a first-year student

Starting university and not sure what to expect? Our first-year student, Kieryce, studies in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment. We spoke to her about her experience so far and what advice she would give to students starting this September.

Advice from a first-year student blog

Kieryce Tucker

Meet Kieryce

School of Engineering and the Built Environment

What subject are you studying?

I study Real Estate in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment.

Did you feel ready for your course and what did you do to prepare?

I was a little anxious at first, as the content of this course was not something I had come across before in school or college. However as soon as the course started, I was instantly drawn in by the enthusiasm of the lecturers and how comfortable I felt.

I prepared myself for the course by looking through the modules and course structure online. I also familiarised myself with some key topics within real estate which gave me a little head start, before I actually started university.

What is your favourite thing about BCU?

The thing I love most about BCU is how diverse it is, I believe this really enhances the university experience. It’s a space for everyone and that is really important to me. Another thing, is the range of events and societies to always take part in and join.

What is the best discovery you have made since starting at BCU?

The amazing range of societies you can join! There is something for everyone and if you don’t find one, you can create your own.

BCUSU Societies

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What do you love about the campus?

Birmingham is a diverse and buzzing city, with lots to do. The campus is modern and I’ve had the chance to use some of the industry standard facilities in Millennium Point. It is also located in the city centre, which makes it easily accessible to all amenities and great transport links.

What do you wish you had known before you started that you know now?

There is an opportunity to earn while you learn. BCU’s student employment scheme, offers student jobs on campus such as supporting with events and being an ambassador for the university. It allows you to apply for paid roles at the university, gain experience and gain valuable references for future employment. Being a student, this offers you the chance to earn around your studies and also build your personal portfolio.

What are you going to do differently going into second year?

Make more use of the Curzon Library on campus. I would like to spend more time in the library and use all of the resources that are available to me. I think a bright and quiet working space can really boost your productivity and allow you to concentrate when completing independent study.

What advice would you give to first-year students joining in September?

Always strive to do your best and don’t be afraid of change. University is an opportunity to really find out what you enjoy and what you would like to do as a career, whilst networking with a range of people. Your first-year will go by so fast, so don’t forget to enjoy the experience!