Procurement in BCU

Advice and Tips for Preparing Tender Responses 

As a prospective supplier, it is important that you are able to fully demonstrate your ability to deliver the contract and convey the quality of your services in your tender response.  It is also important that you ensure that you submit a compliant tender which meets the requirements outlined in the invitation to quotation or tender.  Together this may increase your chances of winning the contract.  The following five points provide some advice and tips in this area:

1. Read the documentation carefully

When in receipt of the tender documentation be sure to review all of the documentation this shall include any attachments or embedded documents. You will want to pay specific attention to the Specification which details the university’s requirements, the Evaluation criteria and process, key timescales and dates and the terms and conditions.

2. Responding to questions

Make sure you understand the question before answering. When writing a response, summarise your answer using detailed evidence and examples relevant to the questions to demonstrate your ability to deliver or meet the said requirement. Adhere to any other instructions detailed in the question and be sure to cover the areas asked. Also pay attention to any word limits that may apply.

Any additional material that is submitted which has not been requested, or is not deemed relevant to the question, will not be scored. This is to ensure that the responses are evaluated and scored on their own merit.

3. Time management

Be sure to submit your tenders within the designated timescales. You should allow yourself sufficient time to upload and submit via the e-procurement system (In-Tend).

4. Fairness and transparency

The University does not give special consideration during the Tender process to suppliers who have had previous dealings with the University. All tenders are evaluated fairly and transparently based on the responses provided.

5. Do not be afraid to ask clarification questions

The University’s Procurement Team will be happy to assist you with any query. Please be aware that all communication regarding a current tender opportunity that you are bidding for, must go through In-Tend for audit purposes.