Finance policies

Tuition Fee Payment Policy

This policy details the required payment terms for Tuition Fees due. It applies to all students of the University, including those who are currently enrolled and those who have accepted a place and intend to enrol. The Policy is in accordance to the academic year where study commences or continues if re-enrolling. There may be more than one edition published on the website (as former students may need to check a previous policy) so please ensure you are viewing the correct edition for your academic year of study. No fundamental changes will ever be made to a policy ‘in-year’, the policy is published before the academic year begins and is enforced for the duration of that year of study.

All students are required to read, understand and accept the terms of the policy as part of the course enrolment process.

Tuition Fee Liability  - Withdrawing from study

The policy also sets out the tuition fee liability for any student who wishes to withdraw from study. All students have a 14 days ‘cooling off’ period where no charge will be made but study from day 15 onwards will be subject to a charge. Please review the table in the policy that sets out what the charges are. All students who wish to withdraw must notify their Faculty/School Office in the first instance.   

For other useful information concerning Tuition Fees/Payments for current students, please email the collections team at

You can view our Tuition Fees Payment Policy in the Student Contract.