Finance policies

Fee Payments

These policies set out how students need to pay their tuition fees. It applies to all students of the University, including those who are currently enrolled and those who have accepted a place and intend to enrol. These policies are effective from 2017/18.

The three policies cover:

  • UK and EU,
  • International, and
  • Research students

Debt Management and Sanctions policy

This policy sets out the process we will follow if students and customers do not pay any fees or charges due to the University

Credit and Refunds policy

This policy sets out how we calculate refunds. They reflect our commitment to offering you as flexible a range of ways to pay your tuition fees as possible. They make sure that the University maintains an appropriate cash flow and also the requirements of relevant external organisations or governing bodies, for example the Student Loan Company or the Law Society.

Fee Payment Policy

UK/EU, International, research