iCity Facebook Information

This information is for current students and staff

Access to this functionality is via iCity (A university login is required).

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iCity is an application developed by Birmingham City University that allows current students and staff to access some of their Facebook information via the Facebook widget. As well as viewing information from your Facebook news feed, it also allows you to add comments and ‘like’ the updates of your Facebook friends.


Your iCity homepage Facebook widget displays information from your Facebook news feed, including posts by yourself and your Facebook friends, and associated comments.

iCity will not access any of your Facebook information, beyond that which is directly related to your Facebook news feed.

The iCity Facebook widget is a non-commercial application, meaning Birmingham City University will not ask for payment for use of the application by clients, nor accept payment from third parties such as advertisers in exchange for access to clients or their information.

iCity will not intentionally display third party advertising material to you via the Facebook widget.

Information from your Facebook account will not be passed on or sold, to advertisers, agencies or any other third parties.

Information from your Facebook news feed may be cached on the iCity server for a small time to enable a faster page load time and a better user experience. Cached information will not be permanently stored or accessed in any other capacity.


On first using the widget, you will be redirected to a secure Facebook page where you will be asked for your Facebook username and password.

Once you have entered your account details, access to your Facebook information is facilitated via Facebook Oauth authentication, meaning iCity will never store your Facebook username or password.

After logging in, Birmingham City University and iCity will not ask you for any other information regarding your Facebook data, nor contact you to ask for any information.

You can remove the widget from the homepage at any time by clicking the small cross in the widget title bar. Note that removing the widget from your homepage does not disable it; your Facebook authentication will remain active should you reopen the widget.

You can disable the Facebook widget, including your Facebook authentication at any time by clicking the ‘Account’ tab and clicking the grey cross (the cross has a title ‘Remove this Facebook account’ which appears on hover).

Once you have disabled the Facebook widget your account information including your Facebook authenticated login information will be deleted.

You can reactivate the widget at any time by repeating the original login procedure. If you have removed the widget from the homepage you can add it again by clicking the ‘customise’ tab on the homepage and checking the box labelled ‘Facebook’.

The content of the iCity Facebook widget originates from your Facebook account. Birmingham City University does not take responsibility for the nature of the content, nor will it monitor or censor said content.