Car share

If driving is the only option for you, why not try car sharing? It’s a great way to meet new people, reduce the amount of driving you have to do and save money. According to LiftShare, regular car-sharers can save nearly £1000 per year or £80 per month!

Free Car Sharing Scheme – Sign up now

LiftShare offers a simple way to car share around the country. How does it work once you have signed up? 

  1. Add your journey details and search to find the best LiftShare partner
  2. Find another member to car share with through the online messaging system
  3. Once you have accepted the request to share, you are ready to go!

Click here to sign up - it is easy and free to do!

Alternatively, you could speak to colleagues in your team or buildings for opportunities to car share.

Useful Apps 

  • Waze– Traffic and navigation app, sharing real-time traffic and road information so that, where possible, you can avoid heavy traffic and incidents.

For car parking at City Centre and City South campuses, visit the following iCity page.

The following leaflet gives drivers more information about the new road layouts they need to be aware of when driving near the blue A34 and A38 cycle routes.

Note: To reduce air pollution, Birmingham City Council will be implementing a Clean Air Zone in Birmingham on 1 June 2021, meaning certain older vehicles will be charged daily to enter the zone.