Inter-campus and business travel

Inter-Campus Travel  

Travelling between the City Centre and City South Campuses is a lot easier than you may think. Taking the bus or cycling can actually be quicker than driving, due to congestion, roadworks and finding time to park.

Inter-campus travel map

Bus travel is quick and easy. The 23 and 24 travel regularly between the campuses, taking 20 minutes.

  • City Centre Stop: Corporation Street, stop BS5 (10 minute walk to campus)
  • City South Stop: Harbourne or Westbourne Road (one minute walk to campus)
  • Our Interactive Map includes the bus stops and route between campuses.

Note - changes to the route may occur so check the website for updated information.

BCU staff and students can now hop between City Centre, Margaret Street and City South Campuses on services 23 and 24 for £1 with The Hop bus service. The £1 Hop is a single fare when travelling within the Hop area on services 61, 63, 23, 24, X20, X21 and X22. University staff and students just need to show their ID cards when getting on the bus service. Please note, this is currently a cash only offer. Find out more about The Hop on the National Express website.

Active Travel

You can cycle between the campuses in 20 minutes, or walk in 50 minutes.


To take to train, you can travel directly between New Street Station (15 minute walk from the City Centre Campus) and Five Ways Station (15 minute walk from City South Campus).

Business Travel

Please reduce your impact when travelling for business whenever possible, by following the hierarchy below (1 being the best option):

1. Do you need to travel?

Check if the item could be resolved by a phone call or Teams meeting instead of travelling.

2. Could you walk or cycle?

Could you organise your meeting after lunch, boost your step count and walk to your meeting during your lunchbreak? Could you get there by bike? 

3. Can you take public transport?

Check out Network West Midlands to plan your trip. 

4. Can you car share?

Are there any other colleagues attending the meeting or going to the same location?