Environment and Sustainability

Historically organisations have made purchasing decisions primarily by considering the price and quality of goods. Increasingly, however, people are realising that in order to ensure that we do not compromise the needs of future generations we need to make sustainable purchasing decisions now. That means considering not just economic and quality issues but also looking at environmental issues such as what products are made of and where they are from, and social issues such as how they are made and the human rights of workers.

Birmingham City University procures large amounts of goods and services annually and takes seriously its responsibility for making responsible purchasing decisions. We are committed to considering economic, environmental and social issues in all our purchasing decisions and we are working with our staff and suppliers in order to facilitate the ease with which this can be done. We will consider whether products are fit for purpose and value for money, whether they are ethically sourced, the quantities of recycled materials vs raw materials they contain, whether they are energy efficient during use and whether they can be easily repaired, reused or recycled at the end of their life.

To this end, at the start of a Procurement activity, all Stakeholders involved in the process are requested to complete a Declaration of Interest form in relation to the potential tenderers. The stakeholder must also advise if a conflict arises following the notification of final respondents. In addition, tenderers are requested to declare any conflict of interest with the University as part of their tender submission.Fair trade logo

BCU has been awarded Fairtrade University status. This means that as a University we have:  

  • A Fairtrade Policy in place
  • Fairtrade products are made available for sale in all campus shops and catering outlets
  • Fairtrade products are served at all meetings and events hosted by BCU and the SU
  • Run communications and campaigns to increase the understanding of Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade is included as an item in our Environmental Committee meetings

Download our Sustainable Procurement Policy

Download our Fairtrade Policy

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