Waste and recycling

Did you know…?

Birmingham City University and the Waste Hierarchy

We have a target to increase the proportion of recycling by two per cent per annum from 2018-19 to 2023-24.

Find out how you can minimise your waste, increase recycling and dispose of waste ethically.


Recycling is great but not as good as preventing waste in the first instance! There is still energy involved in recycling our waste. Here’s a few simple ways you can make a difference:
  • Think before you print
  • Take a reusable cup or bottle with you (and fill up water on the go). Avoid a 20p charge on hot drinks by using your own cup.
  • Bring in reusable boxes to take food away on campus
  • Only buy what you need


We are working with our suppliers to minimise the amount of waste on campus, working with our caterers to reduce waste at the source, and finding opportunities for improvement to reduce general waste further.


Birmingham City University are working on a number of initiatives to help students re-use, repair and swap items. More information will be coming soon.

  • Check out the Swop Shop Events for students of the Birmingham School of Art.
  • To sell, swap or buy in Birmingham, check out the following page.
  • We also work with the British Heart Foundation who take donations of unwanted clothing, bedding, and kitchen-wear from our halls of residence (University Locks) during term-time. Contact your local accommodation reception team for more information.  


  • Our A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide shows where your items can be recycled or safely disposed of
  • Read our recycling myth buster to learn more about why certain items can't be recycled
  • Please put items in the right bins - contaminated bins cannot be recycled
  • • Disposable cups, containers and utensils cannot be recycled on campus