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Coronavirus statistics

The numbers below indicate the new daily Covid-19 cases which have been reported to Birmingham City University by members of staff and students. The numbers reflect the day the case was reported to us and not necessarily the day the positive test was recorded, or the point at which symptoms first began. This data is broken down by staff cases on campus and student cases. We have indicated student cases where that student has been onto campus or involved in university activity, and those who have remained off-campus for a period of at least 48 hours since their symptoms developed. 

The weekend figures will be updated on a Tuesday but Saturdays and Sundays will be displayed individually. We will update all other days’ figures the following day.

This data is for:

  • Birmingham City University students (approx. 28,000)
  • Birmingham City University staff (approx. 4,000)

From Wednesday 14 October to Tuesday 20 October, we recorded 97 confirmed positive cases, with 31 of these for people who had been on campus.

Daily statistics

DateStaff on-campusStudents on-campusStudents off-campus
Wednesday 21 October 0 1 9
Tuesday 20 October 1 5 12
Monday 19 October 0 7 13
Sunday 18 October 0 3 5
Saturday 17 October 0 7 3
Friday 16 October 0 0 9
Thursday 15 October 1 3 12
Wednesday 14 October 0 9 11
Tuesday 13 October 1 5 8
Monday 12 October 0 7 27
Sunday 11 October 0 0 5
Saturday 10 October 0 5 5
Friday 9 October 0 0 10
Thursday 8 October 0 0 11
Wednesday 7 October 0 0 13
Tuesday 6 October 0 1 19
Monday 5 October 0 1 21
Sunday 4 October 0 2 2
Saturday 3 October 1 1 10
Friday 2 October 0 4 8
Thursday 1 October 0 7 16
Wednesday 30 September 0 1 5
Tuesday 29 September 0 3 11
Monday 28 September 0 1 7
Sunday 27 September 0 0 0
Saturday 26 September 0 1 0
Friday 25 September 0 4 1
Thursday 24 September 0 3 0
Wednesday 23 September 0 1 0
Tuesday 22 September 0 2 2
Monday 21 September 1 1 3
Sunday 20 September 0 0 1
Saturday 19 September 0 0 0
Friday 18 September 0 0 1
Thursday 17 September 0 0 0
Wednesday 16 September 1 0 0
Tuesday 15 September 0 0 1
Monday 14 September 0 0 1

Please note: we may adjust previously released daily figures as further information emerges on each reported case. This could happen, for example, to allow us to correct double counting of a single case which has been reported to us multiple times.

How does a staff member or student tell us about a positive test?

Staff and students tell us about a positive test result, or symptoms of Covid-19 that they are experiencing, through our Notify system.

What happens next?

When we receive a report through our Notify system, a member of our Mental Health & Wellbeing Team (or HR team for staff cases) contacts the affected student to ensure they have all the support they need. This team provides a contact tracing service, which ensures that anyone who has been in close contact with the individual is contacted.

To ensure the safety of others, the affected individual will be asked to immediately self-isolate. If their test result is positive they’ll need to remain in isolation for 10 days, and members of their household (including flatmates if living away from home) will need to isolate for 14 days. If their test result is negative there is no need to continue isolating.

How are we supporting students who are self-isolating? 

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Team is supporting students who are self-isolating, particularly those who are living in university accommodation away from their family home. This support includes helping to organise food and other essential deliveries for those in University accommodation, as well as directing individuals to NHS services for further information and guidance.

What should a staff member or student do if they develop symptoms? 

All staff and students should follow BCU’s Test and Trace procedure. If an individual is at home when they first experience symptoms, they should stay there and not come onto campus. If they are on campus, they should make sure they maintain two metre social distancing, wear a face covering, apply hand gel and immediately go home. Individuals should tell their course leader or line manager, request a test from the NHS as soon as possible and report their symptoms using the Notify system.

For further information on BCU’s Test and Trace process please visit: