Shuming Chen

Shuming Chen - Jewellery Student Work Logo Shuming is a maker and dreamer. Through her work, she attempts to combine humans’ daily life with the science technology in the future. She enlarges the phenomenon and issues happening around us, to investigate what may happen in the future and the effect modern technology causes on people.

Shuming’s graduate collection, ‘Monitoring in the dark’ is a collection of work inspired by humans’ lack of freedom in today’s society, due to increasing surveillance equipment. People cannot guarantee whether their privacy is protected. This has resulted in a series of functional eye pieces which give viewers and wearers a special visual effect.

Within each piece, latex fabric layers have been cut using laser cutting and all the layers have been laid together to build depth, which simulates the compound eyes of insects. Creative pattern and texture were engraved on metal which also contain the retro-futurism elements in each piece. The collection will consist of brooches, hand pieces and glasses.

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