Allen Han

Allen Han Logo Allen’s new collection was inspired by Tokyo’s architectures, such as Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Modern Gakuen Cocoon Tower Jimbocho Theater and others. He discovered that these architectures have some similar geometrical elements. Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Modern Gakuen Cocoon Tower and Mode-Gakuen Spiral Tower are all formed of many rhombuses. Modern Gakuen Cocoon Tower shapes like a circle; on the other hand, Mode-Gakuen Spiral Tower had the combined shape of three spiral sheets. Jimbocho Theater was formed of many triangles. Allen summed up all the architectural styles above and called them ‘Tokyo Style’.

Following this ‘Tokyo Style’, Allen wanted to add some of the elements in his jewellery. He realized that the best way to show the line structure is layering. Allen chose Acrylic as the main material in his collection, the transparent material can show the layers perfectly. Every piece in Lei’s new collection has sturdy metal bases to support many layered acrylic sheets, which was inspired by the strong foundation of skyscrapers.

Allen’s original idea was to arrange acrylic sheets on the metal but the connection between the metal and acrylic was a huge challenge for him. Later, he got the solution of that problem from playing with some assembled toys, such as Gundam toys and Lego. Allen’s collection is playful and he is excited to explore more arrangements and connection methods in order to enrich his idea.

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