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The UCAS application deadline has been and gone so decision time is lurking. Maybe you've had a special invite to one of our applicant visit days or might need to attend an interview. We've got a load of useful advice to help you decide where to study… and we unashamedly think that should be with us!

New courses for 2017/18We’re dedicated to keeping our courses cutting edge – that’s why we’re launching a range of new degrees for 2017/18 and updating nearly every existing course with a new module structure. We’re really excited about the changes, we hope you will be too.

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UG 2016/17 prospectus If you want information on all of our courses – as well as getting a feel for the wider University, our teaching and facilities, and our fabulous home city – then take a look at our prospectus. We have different versions for undergraduates and postgraduates, just order a hard copy or download our PDF version.

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We enjoy superb links with industry and our graduates are among the most employable around. Nine out of 10 graduates are in employment or further study within six months of studying (DLHE survey 2012/13). We have over 24,000 students, with 2,400 international and EU students originating from over 80 different countries.

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