Song Wang

Song Wang Logo The origination of Song’s collection was concerned with emotion effects in crowds with her interest about interpersonal relationships between individual and crowd. In this collection, she describes a phenomenon in China; traditional families exert a standard. For women who reach 25 years, they are expected to get married; when they reach 30 years, they are implanted to become mothers.

From this social pressure, a part of these single women who reached that age, exert some negative emotions, such as anxiety, disgust. However, these emotions would continue effected and expanded by their family and friends.

When people exert strong emotions, the skin temperature changes. Song designed a series of necklaces and bracelets that display the skin temperature changes. She combined heat sensitive materials with acrylic; the colour will change when the piece touches the body. Exerting a series of versatility pieces and letting the invisible emotion visible.

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