Junyi Yang

Junyi Yang Logo Junyi Yang is a jewellery artist from China. She loves to interact and communicate with people and surroundings. Through her observations, she notices that in this fast-paced world people take less and less time to interact with things that exist around them, she responds her concerns into her work. Junyi explores with unusual materials such as liquid and plastic, to see how the pieces are interacted with and how people explore the work with their personal interpretation.

Recently, she experiments the manipulation of liquid in jewellery. All the elements in her work aims to provoke a reaction, which allows audience to play and be part of it. For her graduate collection, water and oil are the main materials for her work which attempts to engage the audience with an element of fun. The wearer can squeeze the clear pouches to watch the liquids settle and disperse. The collection explores both 2Dimensions and 3Dimensions by using bold lines that outline a shape under the clear bags to give an altered perspective.

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