Yulin Xu

Yulin Xu Logo Lin’s work is concerned with the combination of negative space and touchable space. By manipulating found materials to evoke the qualities of shiny metals, smooth woods, frosted resin, and bumpy silicone, then orderly put them together to present these parts as a whole thing. These jewelleries express lively relationships between contrasting elements.

In Lin’ s opinion, design is a process of conceptions been embodying. Once the brain knows you are looking for resources, it brings the concepts and structures to you, and as long as you maintain your ability to look, and carefully listen, these designs will continue to seek you out over your lifetime. To him who has often designs, many conceptions will be told by brain.

Visually inspired by the body action of protection, and exploring the anatomy, this collection of contemporary jewellery achieves a subtle yet innovative sophistication. Her interest in this theme stems from a fascination with pattern and form, particularly in relation to dimensional structures.

“I enjoy the process of summarizing and analyzing the imagination and inspiration. I am eager to find the relation between different structures and use vivid colour and innovative material to capture attention and induce interest.”

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