Zeyun Chen

Zeyun Chen Logo Zeyun’s work is designed to explore the relationship between the details of fashion and use the jewellery to show it. The pieces' inspiration is from vintage cloth, and there are many components of the cloth that we are not sure why they existed. For example, it is unclear whether an element is functional or ornamental, such as a pocket watch, a key chain latch, epaulettes, and a gun flap. The artist has tried to use metal and a simple line structure to reproduce the functional component of the cloth. However, this does not exist and it is no longer used.

Pockets can be designed differently in order to hold different things. The artist has created a set of pockets but replaceable, fashionable people could choose to wear different pockets every day to match different cloth. Brace clips were popular in the 20th century, and men tended to wear their shirt with these. Therefore, the artist created the brace clip to pleat brace, and it was designed for both men and women. Women can use the piece to make changes to cloth while men can use it as a simple clip to fix the sleeve.

The jewellery that the artist has designed is wearable but the concept is more than functional. The artist is fascinated by the use of silver in jewellery, and she often leaves hallmarks inside pieces to provide an indication of the quality and the name.

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