Shenglin Cheng

Shenglin Cheng Logo Regarding jewellery as a way of expressing herself, Shenglin Cheng doesn't limit herself with the content and material of her work. She enjoys presenting her story and the things she finds interesting in her daily life through her work.

Interested in texture and the visual effect it presents under different lighting, the current series of work by Shenglin Cheng is inspired by the interaction between the changing of lighting and movement of texture, for example the luster and colour become lighter and darker on the moving texture of fur and fish scales.

Shenglin Cheng transforms scale-like structures into lots of tiny metal sticks. Two sides of sticks are painted in different colours or processed in different surfaces, and these tiny sticks are connected by mechanical structures which create a visually changing piece. As contrast with the detail, the rest of whole pieces are designed in simple and minimalistic styles.

Each piece in the collection is wearable with different wearability. Wearers can play with movable scales on the piece, also the scales flip under natural movement when people are wearing it, so that wearer can enjoy variety visual effect.

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Shenglin Cheng 01
Shenglin Cheng 02