Jennie Wright

Jennie Wright Logo The main material Jen uses within her work is plywood that she has previously used to note down her genuine and personal thought processes throughout her on going journey to learn Spanish. Inspired by the documentation of life she sees in graffiti and draft notes Jen didn’t want the aesthetic of her learning process to be wasted but be appreciated for the interesting visuals it can create as well as appreciating the layers of knowledge that we gain every day.

Tying in with this idea of documenting a learning process, Jen combines the shapes within her work that mimic the pretty traditional watermarks found in passports (referencing her inspiration of travel that has fuelled her desire to learn a new language), with her genuine hand writing like the completely unique placement of passport stamps layering information that is personal and different for everyone. By layering metal and laser cut wood and combining this symmetrical neat look with the organic effect of handwriting, Jen also plays with the idea of framing information that wouldn’t normally be framed which she sees as visual evidence of her learning.

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