Yuna Choy

Yuna Choy Logo Yuna Choy is inspired by the psychological concept of “packaging” oneself. Choy’s collection explores how the individual portrays or “packages” themselves to suit any given situation. She carefully designs and makes an interactive and playful body of work that can fulfil the wearer’s psychological needs to adapt and fit in or be courageous, go against the grain and portray their true self.

“I’m on the path to being someone I’m equally terrified by and obsessed with. My true self.”

Troye Sivan

The collection is constructed on a small scale and involves both sculptural and highly decorative elements. High-level engineering techniques and machinery are utilised to create precise, detailed columns of brass that are assembled and plated to suit the wearer’s needs. The concealed aspect of wearability in each piece serves to add an element of surprise to the audience’s interaction with the jewellery, and makes for a truly integrated breadth of work.

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