Zoe Xiao

Zoe Xiao Logo Zoe(Jijin) is inspired by the visual aesthetics of hemispherical dome cosmology from traditional Asian architectural structures and orchid flowers, which is one of the famous national flowers in China. The collection of jewellery created represents the unity people are looking for from nature and how they can unify themselves within it.

The pieces are inspired from orchids’ colour and the form is developed from architectural structures, the pieces show the balance between the environment and architectural structures, the pieces explore the relationship with the surrounding environment.

The collection of jewellery is made from sterling silver, stainless steel, silver mirror acrylic, string and art card, which was laser cut, engraved and lacquered. The pieces can be worn in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional ways. The wearer’s personal preference will decide the way they want to wear the piece. The goal is to achieve the motion upon the visual sense.

The mirror-like visual phenomenon is a balanced outcome between architectural structures and the environment around, which influenced my individual drawing, development and concept. As people are looking for balance in life, everything always has a variety of different views. Each element has an individual point that combines as a whole to describe the environment. The pieces are able to help people liberate themselves from limits in their life through wearing the jewellery. The piece is very versatile and wearer is encouraged to position it on the body however they see fit.

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