Becky Williams

Becky Williams Logo Becky draws inspiration from decaying urban surfaces, intricate details and bold architectural lines to create decorative vessels and jewellery. Her work explores the ideas of positive and negative space, the interaction of objects with their environment and the juxtaposition of densities. She questions how we display objects, looking at traditional display methods, and pushes this idea by including a shelf as part of some of her vessels, using it to inspire both the form and the composition of the pieces.

She works with enamelled copper to create the detailed vessels, which contrast against the clean lines of the steel forms which surround them. Exploring different scales, colours and finishes in her work allows the vessels to interact with each other and encourages varying juxtapositions and diversity amongst her collections.

Her jewellery pieces reflect the aesthetics of her vessels, but shrinks them down to a wearable scale, allowing them to be interacted with on a more personal level, by placing them on the body. Interaction with the vessels is an important part of Becky’s work. She hopes that the they will continue to grow and develop once they have left the workshop, with the influence of their owners, depending on how they choose to display them.

She aims to create contrasting textures, and varying levels of density within her pieces, and invites the viewer to look closer and explore the pieces, to gain different perspectives and see the hidden detailing within them. She leaves the marks of the making evident to the viewer, to emphasize and celebrate the unique quality of her pieces. This also links the viewers to the making process, which she hopes will allow them to achieve a deeper connection to the pieces.

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