Evangeline Lai

Evangeline Lai Logo Evangeline Lai is interested in observing nature, she likes drawing the patterns.

Her work's full of the colour green. Evangeline is an enthusiastic designer and dreamer. Her graduate collection ‘Nature Reflection’ visually takes inspiration from nature forms and patterns, lake reflections, specifically focusing on trees and the detail in their bark. To create her pieces, she uses layers of laser-cut cherry wood and acrylic, sublimated with close-up photographs of bark texture. These built up layers give her pieces a dioramic effect.

Evangeline’s work forms the nature tree bark detail reflected in the lake, which explores the detail truly seen in the reflection, then it seems like looking through another side of nature. This collection of contemporary necklaces is  aesthetically influenced by her own style of drawing.

Through further development of her collection, she combines metal with her wood and acrylic piece, in which she explores different ‘tree bark’ patterns on her three dimensional metal.

She uses press machines to press the fabric on top of the metal, to make sure the patterns can clearly be seen on the surface. Then she uses press forming machines to make the metal three dimensional. The collection includes earrings, a brooch, a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet.

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