Irina Kozlova

Irina Kozlova Logo Being inspired by serenity and calmness of mountain landscapes Irina Kozlova tries to capture and translate these meditative qualities into her works. She sees her art pieces as her meditation. Irina believes that meditation is a state of balance and harmony; a moment of life where everything can be on its place and time; where every aspect/situation can be understood and accepted.

“For me it is something extremely positive, as it has an aim to improve how one is feeling inside. However how to portray something non material and formless? The only way is to create according to good inner feelings and emotions.”

Irina’s jewellery collection consists of brooches that were made based on her feelings when observing her favourite mountain sceneries using transparent acrylic and stainless steel wire as main materials. The combination of these materials helps to create visually light structures which reflect her vision of meditation and how she sees unity within herself.

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