Chen Cheng

Chen Cheng Logo I think contemporary jewellery is interactive because it demands a response, which can either be physical or emotional. Through kinetic movement and visual interaction, my work is designed to be explored. My pieces will invoke the participants to play, all pieces are moveable through the movement of the wearers.

Combining my own aesthetic and woking style, I have taken inspiration from motion, combinative shapes and moving modes found in our human body which are also expressed through modern and traditional ballet dancing. Applying motion to express the mystique and magical forms of the human body was the key determining process in my jewellery design.

Using fine wire and simple shaped metal to build the minimal forms will allow the audiences to pay more attention to the movement of each piece. Akin to dancing, each piece’s “performance” seems not as simple as what we see.

Finally, I hope my works will encourage the wearers to touch, feel and discover the meaning and concept behind my jewellery pieces. I believe through a deeper appreciation of such interaction, jewellery can be better understood and more people would be able to understand and appreciate the different style of jewellery.

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